ROAD SAFETY –Driving Method

One of the method called PERPU, consist of Preparation of driver physical and psychologist also equipment; Enough rest; Pray before and after journey, Used of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment and devices) and the latest is Anticipation
DRIVING PREPARATION.  Prepare driver physical and psychological factor.  Take a rest at night, minimally 6 hours. Take balance input of nutrition and your activity. Have some vitamins and fruits for your body. Minimize fat food (fried foods) and spicy food. Prepare enough drinking water, 8 glasses or 2 liters per day.  It makes your body fit, reduce dehydration possibility and prevent stomachache during driving. Be focus on your driving road map and destination. Prepare the road map and alternative road. Add some tools to give guidance or navigation such as GPS, google maps, google navigation, garmin etc. Plan the rest area, rest time allocation, and refueling area, and the last prepare enough money and emergency plan (contact and number).
Prepare the vehicle. Check body vehicles, vehicle tire and fuel. Check battery water (wet battery), radiator water and wiper water. Check electric condition, signage lamp, indicator lamp in dashboard. Check oil condition of brake, clutch oil, machine oil, power steering oil, gear oil, axle oil. Check condition of all vehicle rubber. Prepare the vehicle tools for small reparation.
ENOUGH  REST for DRIVING. Take a rest/ a nap for six hours (minimal) to make your body fit for long journey. If possible, have a alternately driver. Driving in the day will be better than driving at night. Night driving will have higher risk because of less field of view. Field of view only  based on vehicles lamp area and road lamp area. There are so many blind spot on that condition. Driving at night will required more power or energy from your body than day driving and you will exhausted quickly. Please attention from your body signal when you feel sleepy and have less response than before.

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