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Rabu, 16 September 2015

ROAD SAFETY –Driving Method

One of the method called PERPU, consist of Preparation of driver physical and psychologist also equipment; Enough rest; Pray before and after journey, Used of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment and devices) and the latest is Anticipation
DRIVING PREPARATION.  Prepare driver physical and psychological factor.  Take a rest at night, minimally 6 hours. Take balance input of nutrition and your activity. Have some vitamins and fruits for your body. Minimize fat food (fried foods) and spicy food. Prepare enough drinking water, 8 glasses or 2 liters per day.  It makes your body fit, reduce dehydration possibility and prevent stomachache during driving. Be focus on your driving road map and destination. Prepare the road map and alternative road. Add some tools to give guidance or navigation such as GPS, google maps, google navigation, garmin etc. Plan the rest area, rest time allocation, and refueling area, and the last prepare enough money and emergency plan (contact and number).
Prepare the vehicle. Check body vehicles, vehicle tire and fuel. Check battery water (wet battery), radiator water and wiper water. Check electric condition, signage lamp, indicator lamp in dashboard. Check oil condition of brake, clutch oil, machine oil, power steering oil, gear oil, axle oil. Check condition of all vehicle rubber. Prepare the vehicle tools for small reparation.
ENOUGH  REST for DRIVING. Take a rest/ a nap for six hours (minimal) to make your body fit for long journey. If possible, have a alternately driver. Driving in the day will be better than driving at night. Night driving will have higher risk because of less field of view. Field of view only  based on vehicles lamp area and road lamp area. There are so many blind spot on that condition. Driving at night will required more power or energy from your body than day driving and you will exhausted quickly. Please attention from your body signal when you feel sleepy and have less response than before.

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Selasa, 15 September 2015

ROAD SAFETY – Driving Attitude

Safe driving will protecting live and saving fuel. To conduct road safety, we will need risk management. Risk Management consist of identify hazard source, assess the risk, manage the risk by hierarchy of control, and take preventive action. Source of road hazard come out from internal and external factor. Internal hazard factor came from physical and psychological factor.  External hazard factor came from road environmental and other road user. Hazard is source, situation, or act with a potential for harm or cause loss. Risk is combination of the likelihood of an occurrence of a hazardous event or exposure and the severity. Accident is event which  has given rise to loss, injury or fatality. Accident based on loss causation models could be raise from unsafe condition and unsafe act.  Road risk management based on human analysis, human reflect and decision. Knowledge of driver give big contribution. When activity of road user exposed to hazard, driver shall process the situation then take action. Driver reflect without analysis process and less knowledge will resulted high risk and failed potential 98%. Driver with good analysis and decision will act quickly and correctly, with proper knowledge will resulted low risk and potentially to be succeed.
Driving attitude will give contribution to road safety. A driver shall: aware of self ability, aware of vehicles  condition, aware of activity will be conducted, aware that roadway is unsafe condition, aware of their responsibility of owned safety -passenger safety and other road user safety. Good driver aware that hazard will potentially to loss and aware of risk resulted from their activity.  There are so many methods to conduct road safety. One of the method called PEPU, consist of Preparation of driver physical and psychologist also equipment; Enough rest; Pray before and after journey, Used of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment and devices) and the latest is Anticipation .

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Selasa, 25 Agustus 2015

Food Safety at Sido Muncul

Food Safety and product safety are main concern for Sidomuncul. Currently, at  California, Sidomuncul product called “Tolak Angin” had tagged with “Pro 65 Warning”. Proposition 65 Warning is a warning label for a product contains compounds that  may cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm. One of American distributor that distributed “Tolak Angin” has been informed that ginger may contain lead. One of Tolak Angin ingredient was ginger, and the distributor tag Pro 65 Warning on Tolak Angin. Sidomuncul already complains about  this tag and stated that Tolak Angin had been pass the food safety standard. The distributor  conducts laboratorium test to Tolak Angin randomly. The laboratorium result “ Lead is not detected in Tolak Angin”.  Distributor had asked an apologize to Sido Muncul related this issues.
As international company, it required to  focuses to safe and healthy product.  Their product has been fulfill and has food safety certification. The products had followed food safety guideline in production process. Manpower in industry shall have follow and passed the food safety course to ensure knowledge and skill of the workers in safe food production. Knowledge and skill could prevent bad product that could initiate food borne illness. Food processing started plantation, harvesting, delivery, food storage safety, food processing. One of food safety tips in food production process is uses HACCP (Hazard Analysis dan Critical Control Point) . HACCP will help to ensure critical point in food processing conduct correctly, to ensure the food free from foreign object, bacterial or any damage that make bad quality of food

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Selasa, 18 Agustus 2015

Keselamatan di kolam renang

Berita meninggalnya anak anak karena tersedot kolam renang membuat kita sebagai orang tua atau pengguna Layanan Publik prihatin dan juga was was. Sewaktu proses pembersihan kolam renang, banyak kolam renang menggunakan pipa berdiameter besar untuk mengeluarkan air kotor sebelum dibersihkan. Pengelola kolam renang hendaknya membuat suatu sistem pengaman yang dapat mencegah hal tersebut berulang. Sering kali pengelola kolam renang tidak paham dan kurang memperhatikan hal tersebut dengan alasan sumber daya manusia atau keuangan yang kurang. Pencegahan hal serupa dapat dilakukan dengan hirarki kontrol dalam manajemen resiko. Hirarki kontrol pertama adalah Eliminasi atau “menghilangkan” aktivitas penyedotan tersebut. Hal ini bisa sangat sulit dilakukan, sebab air kolam akan kotor dan tidak bisa difungsikan sebagai kolam renang dan melanggar ketentuan air bersih menurut keputusan menteri kesehatan. Hirarki kontrol berikutnya adalah Substitusi atau “Penggantian”. Metode pengurasan dilakukan dengan pipa berukuran kecil. Konsekuensi membutuhkan biaya dengan pemasangan banyak pipa dan pompa, serta membutuhkan waktu yang lama. Hirarki kontrol berikutnya adalah Rekayasa Teknik. Rekayasa teknik berupa membuat penyaring pada pipa penyedot. Selain dapat menyaring sampah, hal tersebut juga mencegah pengguna kolam renang atau anak anak ikut tersedot ke dalam saluran air ketika membersihkan kolam renang. Hirarki kontrol selanjutnya adalah prosedur operasi standard. Prosedur dapat dibuat sederhana, dimana penjaga kolam renang memastikan semua pengguna kolam renang telah meninggalkan kolam, kolam dilengkapi penerangan. Menguras kolam renang dilakukan 2 orang, dimana 1 orang menjaga kolam renang tetap aman dari pengguna kolam renang dan 1 orang lagi menyalakan pompa dan melakukan proses pembersihan. Prosedur ini harus selalu dilakukan ketika ada aktivitas pengurasan dilakukan. Saran ini semoga dapat memberikan masukan pada pengelola kolam renang sebagai penyedia layanan publik untuk selalu memperhatikan keselamatan pengguna

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Senin, 15 Juni 2009

Action of alcohol for your health internal organs

This is about report if you make alcohol as habbit. Go away.. and read this report.

Action on the stomach.

The action of alcohol on the stomach is extremely dangerous that it becomes unable to produce the natural digestive fluid in sufficient quantity and also fails to absorb the food which it may imperfectly digest. A condition marked by the sense of nausea emptiness, prostration and distention will always be faced by an alcoholic. This results in a loathing for food and is teased with a craving for more drink. Thus there is engendered a permanent disorder which is called dyspepsia. The disastrous forms of confirmed indigestion originate by this practice.

How the liver gets affected.

The organic deteriorations caused by the continued use of alcohol are often of a fatal character. The organ which most frequently undergoes structural changes from alcohol, is the liver. Normally, the liver has the capacity to hold active substances in its cellular parts. In instances of poisoning by various poisonous compounds, we analyse liver as if it were the central depot of the foreign matter. It is practically the same in respect to alcohol. The liver of an alcoholic is never free from the influence of alcohol and it is too often saturated with it. The minute membranous or capsular structure of the liver gets affected, preventing proper dialysis and free secretion. The liver becomes large due to the dilatation of its vessels, the surcharge of fluid matter and the thickening of tissue. This follows contraction of membrane and shrinking of the whole organ in its cellular parts. Then the lower parts of the alcoholic becomes dropsical owing to the obstruction offered to the returning blood by the veins. The structure of the liver may be charged with fatty cells and undergo what is technically designated 'fatty liver'.

How the Kidneys deteriorate.

The Kidneys also suffer due to the excessive consumption of alcohol. The vessels of Kidneys lose elasticity and power of contraction. The minute structures in them go through fatty modification. Albumin from the blood easily passes through their membranes. This results in the body losing its power as if it were being run out of blood gradually.

Congestion of the lungs.

Alcohol relaxes the vessels of the lungs easily as they are most exposed to the fluctuations of heat and cold. When subjected to the effects of a rapid variation in atmospheric temperature, they get readily congested. During severe winter seasons, the suddenly fatal congestions of lungs easily affects an alcoholic.

Alcohol weakens the heart.

Consumption of alcohol greatly affects the heart. The quality of the membraneous structures which cover and line the heart changes and are thickened, become cartilaginous or calcareous. Then the valves lose their suppleness and what is termed valvular disorder becomes permanent. The structure of the the coats of the great blood-vessel leading from the heart share in the same changes of structure so that the vessel loses its elasticity and its power to feed the heart by the recoil from its distention, after the heart, by its stroke, has filled it with blood.

Again, the muscular structure of the heart fails owing to degenerative changes in its tissue. The elements of the muscular fibre are replaced by fatty cells or, if not so replaced, are themselves transferred into a modified muscular texture in which the power of contraction is greatly reduced.

Those who suffer from these organic deteriorations of the central and governing organ of the circulation of the blood learn the fact so insidiously, it hardly breaks upon them until the mischief is far advanced. They are conscious of a central failure of power from slight causes such as overexertion, trouble, broken rest or too long abstinence from food. They feel what they call a 'sinking' but they know that wine or some other stimulant will at once relieve the sensation. Thus they seek to relieve it until at last they discover that the remedy fails. The jaded, overworked, faithful heart will bear no more. it has run its course and the governor of the blood-streams broken. The current either overflows into the tissues gradually damming up the courses or under some slight shock or excess of motion ceases wholly at the centre.

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Sabtu, 02 Agustus 2008

Testing with health article

Testing posting from my office on health environment division. Home the connection is OK. So I am can blogging forever. When take a rest from my HSE jobs. :)

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Senin, 03 Maret 2008

Workout videos are utter route

Many period we agree that we would be able to a slight exercise normal into our quotidian sparkle, considering we have time for so many things

Many period we agree that we would be able to a slight exercise normal into our quotidian sparkle, considering we have time for so many things. But this however remains a understood for yonks to come because of the jobs and routine work that we are obligatory to slouch between. If you categorically are serious approximately aerobics, you might chew over workout videos. This does help, even if in a trifling way, at least you may well get create. This is because physical exercise deserted possibly will occasionally seem a very unexciting task. As such, currency switch on only gets postponed.

Workout videos are utter route. They would have an instructor keeping fit, pumping you on and the instructor is habitually communicating ands reckoning out do better than noticeably. As such, you may perhaps solely make some space in your live room, and play your workout . This set aside you to bodybuilding in the privacy of your home at a distance from allowing you to get be off on a much improved and significant lifestyle. To make your workout term a little more interesting, you could request your group over to lookout and habit upon your workout . Most workout videos comprise of aerobics and clean keep fit rather than that involve workout apparatus.

If you initiation to grasp your workout regularly, it comfort physique stamina and get more assured something like your body. The good matter near workout videos is that you can workout at any time you prefer rather than ensure to take out time from your busy agenda. In fact workout videos can even be a prosperous domestic closeness capability as household adherents may possibly wish to isometrics cool.

When selecting workout make sure you know what you are air for in the cinematic. This is because many workout are deliberate to help pick up numerous creation of the body or possibly will be targeted for ingenuous drills. Customers also need to make sure that they pick workout videos that are shaped from consistent bumf and that following them is in fact rich. You could get shrink with a free workout movie to plaid whether suit partner your fashion and whether you are able to transmit out the maneuvers as essential. In time you may perhaps cherry-pick to buy innumerable bodybuilding tie. This is central because a sole workout filmed might seem monotonous and boring if you prefer to repeat the same workout day after day. Also in time once you feel fit you are clever of to more tiring exercise regimes and at such stage of development you need to opt for more extensive cartridge.

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