Food Safety at Sido Muncul

Food Safety and product safety are main concern for Sidomuncul. Currently, at  California, Sidomuncul product called “Tolak Angin” had tagged with “Pro 65 Warning”. Proposition 65 Warning is a warning label for a product contains compounds that  may cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm. One of American distributor that distributed “Tolak Angin” has been informed that ginger may contain lead. One of Tolak Angin ingredient was ginger, and the distributor tag Pro 65 Warning on Tolak Angin. Sidomuncul already complains about  this tag and stated that Tolak Angin had been pass the food safety standard. The distributor  conducts laboratorium test to Tolak Angin randomly. The laboratorium result “ Lead is not detected in Tolak Angin”.  Distributor had asked an apologize to Sido Muncul related this issues.
As international company, it required to  focuses to safe and healthy product.  Their product has been fulfill and has food safety certification. The products had followed food safety guideline in production process. Manpower in industry shall have follow and passed the food safety course to ensure knowledge and skill of the workers in safe food production. Knowledge and skill could prevent bad product that could initiate food borne illness. Food processing started plantation, harvesting, delivery, food storage safety, food processing. One of food safety tips in food production process is uses HACCP (Hazard Analysis dan Critical Control Point) . HACCP will help to ensure critical point in food processing conduct correctly, to ensure the food free from foreign object, bacterial or any damage that make bad quality of food

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