ROAD SAFETY – Driving Attitude

Safe driving will protecting live and saving fuel. To conduct road safety, we will need risk management. Risk Management consist of identify hazard source, assess the risk, manage the risk by hierarchy of control, and take preventive action. Source of road hazard come out from internal and external factor. Internal hazard factor came from physical and psychological factor.  External hazard factor came from road environmental and other road user. Hazard is source, situation, or act with a potential for harm or cause loss. Risk is combination of the likelihood of an occurrence of a hazardous event or exposure and the severity. Accident is event which  has given rise to loss, injury or fatality. Accident based on loss causation models could be raise from unsafe condition and unsafe act.  Road risk management based on human analysis, human reflect and decision. Knowledge of driver give big contribution. When activity of road user exposed to hazard, driver shall process the situation then take action. Driver reflect without analysis process and less knowledge will resulted high risk and failed potential 98%. Driver with good analysis and decision will act quickly and correctly, with proper knowledge will resulted low risk and potentially to be succeed.
Driving attitude will give contribution to road safety. A driver shall: aware of self ability, aware of vehicles  condition, aware of activity will be conducted, aware that roadway is unsafe condition, aware of their responsibility of owned safety -passenger safety and other road user safety. Good driver aware that hazard will potentially to loss and aware of risk resulted from their activity.  There are so many methods to conduct road safety. One of the method called PEPU, consist of Preparation of driver physical and psychologist also equipment; Enough rest; Pray before and after journey, Used of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment and devices) and the latest is Anticipation .

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